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A letter from Nurit Greenberg

The 'Jewish Statue of Liberty' – 'Moses Statue of Humanity' - By Nurit Greenger
October 14, 2010
Most people in the world know the story of Moses at Mount Sinai and the Ten Commandments, signed by God, which he delivered to the Jewish Nation, the first known monotheist nation. The Ten Commandments represent the ten basic laws the Jewish Nation gave to all humanity. Likewise, most people know about the Statue of Liberty, of the United States of America representing "one nation under God with liberty and justice for all." These words represent the basic "commandments" upon which the United States was founded.

Moses image stands for liberty; he who took the Israelites out of Egypt from bondage to freedom. The Ten Commandments stand for the Jewish Nations' duty to be 'Light Unto the Nations'. Lady Liberty image stands for the United States' 'Liberty and Enlightening the World'.

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he had a halo. Lady Liberty has a crown. Moses had in his hands the Tablets; Lady Liberty holds the tablet, both symbolize a nation based on law.

For 2,000 the Jewish Nation did not have a home to call 'our Homeland'. With the establishment of the State Israel, modern Jewish history, in the land of Israel, resumed.

The time has come to catch up on Jewish history in the Land of Israel as well as commemorate the 2,000 history that took place outside the borders of the Jewish Homeland.

The modern State of Israel is young, but not too young to erect a statue that will engulf and symbolize all that the Jewish Nation and its homeland stand for. I, for one, cannot think of any better way to do this other than erecting the 'Moses Statue' and building around it a complete center with a museum, and other public amenities.

Moses is the symbol of Jewish excellence, which the Moses Statue of Humanity represents. Moshe Rabeinu is a majestic example of leadership in every respect. Let Jewish excellence and leadership greet every person who arrives to visit Israel and let the 'Moses Statue of Humanity' remind every Israeli, daily, what the Nation of Israel stands for. Such monumental project will signify, in the most meaningful way, the values of the Jewish people and will be a constant remind to the world of the long history of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

Let the Moses Statue of Humanity become the greeting image to the most popular tourist attraction in the world, the State of Israel.


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