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Moti Gur, Founder

My name is Moti (Mordechai) Gur. I was born May 19, 1950 in Moshav Tsofit near Kfar Saba. I have a twin sister Sarah and a younger sister Gila.

My Mom was born in Jerusalem and my Dad in Ranana. They met in Israel's War of Independence. Both Israel and my parent's survived the war. They got married and lived in Moshav Tsofit. We were poor and it took hard work and long days just to make it. Arab attacks (they called Fadauns) terrified us and were around us often. The Arabs attacked us for reasons I could not understand as a child.

Many of the a Fadauns came across the border from the nearby village of Kalkylia.

As poor as we were and as tough as it was, I consider myself very lucky to be born and to grow up in the Moshav in Israel! Looking back, I can see how very special it was.

I went to a small school in the Moshav and later to a technical school of Ort. I was very proud to be accepted into the Paratroopers for my military service.

In 1973 my Mom was living in NY and I came to see her. After taking odd jobs, I traveled up and down the USA and ended up in Los Angeles. It wasn't easy to hold different jobs and go to school for English and business. By then, I thought that hard work and long days were a normal life. I got married in1980 and have two daughters Dafna and Tamar.

In 1985 I started a financial consulting company and have done well.

It was not hard to understand that if Arabs would attack me as a child that no war would be over just because I finished my military service. I have never stopped my involvement with my people and Israel. In 1974 I started with a friend a Kesher Israeli to connect Israeli kids in LA.

When PM Barak tried to give away the Golan to the Syrian Dictator Hafez Assad, I spoke out. I was the co founder of “Friends of the Golan LA”, together with Dr Don Salem and Ben Zimmerman. We wrote petitions against giving up the beautiful Golan! We brought speakers to educate people abut the great risk of losing this hard fought for land, to the security of Israel. We even organized a hike for Americans to walk across the Golan from Mt Harmon to Lake Tiberius. We raised money to send people to visit the Golan. We wanted them to see what the residents have done from the Golan. They are an amazing, patriotic people!

In 2000, together with some American Jews, Dr. Salem and I helped found the Israel Emergency Committee. This grew to be StandWithUs (, a non-profit, non-political organization dedicated to spreading truth and education/Hasbara in the world. We combat the soft jihad and local intifadas by Muslim organizations by exposing everyone to the light of truth. Our efforts have shown great effect, especially on campuses in the USA and in many parts of the world. Nonetheless, the problem is huge. So many Jewish kids on campuses have no idea how to defend who they are. Some are not even sure who they are. Most students do not know the rich history of the Jewish people, our countless contributions to humanity or how tight a connection we have to the land of Israel.

In 2003, the popular paper, Shalom LA honored me and picked me from all the activists as "The Man of the Year!" for my involvement with Israel.

I keep working to raise the awareness of the Jews and Israelis in Los Angeles about the scope of the problem and to be proud of who we are.

I am also involved as a board member with the ZOA west as well as many other Jewish and Israel organizations.

In the year 2007 I married a beautiful woman, Rakefet.

With renewed energy we are moving forward with the biggest project imaginable, The Moses Project.


A Support letter from the founder Moti Gur

At the end of 1974 I visited the Statue of Liberty in New York City. I was moved, touched and inspired! Maybe because she is so real, you feel like she is talking to you! People connect to her easily. She stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor and you need to take a Ferry to reach her. As you get closer and closer, the statue standing there looks so tall it absolutely mesmerizes you!
The Statue of Liberty is now more than one hundred and twenty years old, erected on October 28,1886, an icon that represents America and what it stands for. This old statue draws millions of visitors every year –from all over the world. There they read an incredible poem by the Jewess, Emily Lazarus. Read More


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