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A letter from the founder Moti Gur

At the end of 1974 I visited the Statue of Liberty in New York City. I was moved, touched and inspired! Maybe because she is so real, you feel like she is talking to you! People connect to her easily. She stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor and you need to take a Ferry to reach her. As you get closer and closer, the statue standing there looks so tall it absolutely mesmerizes you!
The Statue of Liberty is now more than one hundred and twenty years old, erected on October 28,1886, an icon that represents America and what it stands for. This old statue draws millions of visitors every year –from all over the world. There they read an incredible poem by the Jewess, Emily Lazarus.
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Don SalemA Letter from Dr. Donald Salem, DDS
Think about it.
Doesn't the Statue of Liberty in the United States imply offered promises to people highlighted by Emma Lazarus' beautiful poem? Most people today interpret this to entitle to them all sorts of rights, liberties and opportunities, but have forgotten the responsibilities and values that earned the prosperity and freedoms. What has happened to the common values, blood, sweat and tears that sustained the growth of the wealthiest, most powerful democracy on the planet, the United States of America?
Moti Gur and I began this discussion long ago and wondered why the United States had never put up a Statue of Responsibility or a Statue of Courtesy. We wanted to create a Statue of Responsibility to bring hope that the successful values and responsibilities we once had could be resurrected.
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A letter from Moshe Sinai, Mayor of Rosh Ha`ayin
Recently I was presented by Mr. Moti Gur, an Israeli businessman and philanthropist currently living and working in Los Angeles, with an idea to establish an international cultural and educational center for Jewish leadership in Rosh Ha`ayin, inspired by the Biblical figure of Moses.
With the monument of Moses erected at its peak, the idea behind the project is to create a true cultural center which will serve both as a first rate world attraction, and a true common ground for Israelis and young people from all over the globe to meet and share ideas, regardless of religion, color or political views.
To me this is a way to bring into reality an old dream I carry with me- to create a parliament for the young, a place from which a new generation of leaders will emerge.
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A letter from Daryl Temkin, Ph.D., Director, Israel Institute - Green Technology Fund
True leadership of the Jewish nation only comes at rare moments. This is because it takes a precise combination of outstanding personal qualities which must be perfectly blended to form the "right stuff" at just the right historic moment. Outstanding leadership is accurately achieved with the brave and courageous execution of a succinct and near immediate victory effectively conquering and abating a horrendous life threatening crisis.
Moses, who affectionately became known as "Moses our Teacher", taught not only the Jewish people but the entire world as to what brave leadership is in the face of potential mass destruction.
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Nurit GreengerThe 'Jewish Statue of Liberty' – 'Moses Statue of Humanity' - By Nurit Greenger
October 14, 2010
Most people in the world know the story of Moses at Mount Sinai and the Ten Commandments, signed by God, which he delivered to the Jewish Nation, the first known monotheist nation. The Ten Commandments represent the ten basic laws the Jewish Nation gave to all humanity. Likewise, most people know about the Statue of Liberty, of the United States of America representing "one nation under God with liberty and justice for all." These words represent the basic "commandments" upon which the United States was founded.
Moses image stands for liberty; he who took the Israelites out of Egypt from bondage to freedom. The Ten Commandments stand for the Jewish Nations' duty to be 'Light Unto the Nations'. Lady Liberty image stands for the United States' 'Liberty and Enlightening the World'. Read More


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