Mission Statement

Our mission is to honor the legacy of Moses in a way that has never been done before on this scale of modernity.

Moses Magnificent Legacy was both a human role model and a conduit for bringing the Torah's messages.

The centerpiece is planned to be a 40- 60 story high, abstract statue of Moses holding the electrifying Tablets. It will mesmerize millions of people yearly from all religions. People will be able to see the towering centerpiece from miles away. It will be designed as an eco-conscious monument to the Jewish People, their friends, and their contributions to the world.

The statue will be supported from within by a 40-60 story building that will house the Museum of the Miraculous, restaurants, shops, classrooms, dorm rooms, concessions, an auditorium, study halls, and more.

The Museum of the Miraculous will be a giant, unique, circular, interactive museum displaying the history of Jewish contributions to the world: starting with the ethical monotheism of Abraham, survival choices, the arts, philosophy, politics, the sciences, medicine, sports, technology, ecology, farming, military, etc. We will also honor so many brave, righteous gentiles who have been our co-contributors. Universities and scholars will be invited to team up with the project.

It will be built with security in mind on a large, friendly landscaped park site that will be a feast for the eyes, the heart, and the mind.

No one, regardless of their religious origin, will leave without being overwhelmed with pride at the Statue, Park, and Museum.

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Moses Project


The Jewish world is facing extreme challenges driven by geopolitical and demographic changes around the globe. Therefore, it is evident that a need for renewed, informed, educated, and motivated Jewish leadership is essential for leading the Jewish people down a path that ensures their continuity and preserves their heritage and culture.


The Moses Project seeks to establish a world center for Jewish leadership in the heart of Israel that will lead, unite, educate and prepare future Jewish leaders around the globe under one roof and promote a compelling vision of moral and committed Jewish leadership in the inspirational spirit of past leaders. A source of inspiration encouraging enterprise, involvement, and leadership in Jewish communities, the center will draw Israelis and Jews, scholars and visitors, young and old from around the globe.


Unique in its cultural vision and architectural design, the Moses project will become a world-class attraction, uniquely integrating three mutually supportive wings: A Global Educational Center focused upon the study of historical leadership and the development of future Jewish Leadership, an interactive museum in which visitors may experience unprecedented, direct 'encounters' with past leaders of the Israeli people, and an outstanding and architecturally symbolic monument – the Museum "Lighthouse" - inspired by the figure of Moses.
Global Educational Center

The Global Educational Center will house seminars and conferences addressing the Jewish moral heritage and its historic leadership ethos. Programs will enable participants to research and address key questions regarding challenges facing the Jewish world today and provide tools for meeting those challenges while maintaining responsibility for and involvement in Jewish communities in Israel and abroad. In addition, the Center will house a library of Jewish heritage, conference halls, and study classes.

Moses Project
Moses Project

Interactive Leadership Museum

The interactive leadership museum will enable visitors to embark upon an exciting and experiential journey throughout 4,000 years of history, upon which they have the opportunity to not only 'meet' past and present Jewish leaders, but also to learn about those leaders' values, share their dilemmas and actually experience and participate in addressing the challenges they faced. Featured leaders will include many of our ancient forefathers, present-day visionaries, and also worthy laypeople who have taken action within their communities. These encounters will encourage visitors to discuss moral values and dilemmas, motivating them to take the lead within their own communities for the sake of others.

Architectural Monument

A unique architectural monument inspired by our past leaders' heritage and moral values will attract visitors worldwide for an authentic one-of-a-kind experience. Unprecedented in its design and symbolism, the noticeable monument will dominate the skyline. An integral part of the museum, it offers open-air viewing with art galleries, breathtaking views over Israel, a restaurant, and a sky deck observatory.

Moses Project