Moses Project
the Legacy of Moses

We Wish to Build a Statue of Moses & the Ten
Commandments in Israel

Non-profit Organization Based in Israel

Our mission is to honor the legacy of Moses in a positive, upbeat way that has never been done before on this scale or with this technology.

Moses' magnificent legacy was both as a human role model and a conduit for bringing the Torah's messages of justice and freedom.

Sculptures of Moses are seen on the U.S. Capitol building and U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. and other U.S. cities!

The attraction piece is planned to be a 40- 60 story high, abstract statue of Moses holding the electrifying Tablets. Passengers landing in Israel will see it in awe. It will be surrounded by a gorgeous park setting as a security-safe, eco-conscious monument to the Jewish People, their contributions to the world, and their friends.

Even more exciting, the statue will be supported from within by a 40-60 story building that will house the Museum of the Miraculous, restaurants, shops, pavilions, classrooms, dorm rooms, a hotel, concessions, an auditorium, study halls, and more.

The breathtaking Museum of the Miraculous will be a giant, double helix-shaped, interactive museum displaying the history of Jewish contributions to the world: ethical monotheism of Abraham, survival choices, the visual arts, music, philosophy, literature, politics, the sciences, medicine, sports, technology, ecology, farming, etc. We will also honor so many brave, righteous gentiles who have been our co-contributors. Select universities and scholars will be invited to team up with the project.

Regardless of the religious or ethnic origin, no one will leave without being overwhelmed at the Museum, Statue, and Park and wanting to return.

Please note: The statue and landscape are a work in progress, and the final result will be different and better than the pictures above. Keep returning to the site for updates.

Moses Project